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<REVIEW>You Need to Go to EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM to Learn Tokyo

Edo-Tokyo Museum is the best place to learn Tokyo history & culture.

I had never been there. My friends who came from Asia wanted me to guide Tokyo. And he want to know Tokyo. Then I decide to go there first time.

What’s good point?

  • You can learn Tokyo history
  • Free giude
  • Entrance fee is really cheep
This is a corridor to the entrance

You can learn Tokyo history

You can learn from description. There are much information from Japanese & English.

And what is best, there are a lot of fantastic dioramas.

The diorama which reproduce Nihon-bashi in Edo era (300 years ago)

Every person wears deferent cloth. Tokyo government told producer that they can spend money as much as they can. So they wear deferent cloths.

The diorama, Ryogoku-Baishi (around museum)

Free Guide

There are free guide in this museum.

Japanese & English guide is available for people who didn’t reserve. I went there without reservation and I could as a guide for free.

If you can request a guide with reservation, there are 8 languages. Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

The guide explains a lot of diorama

Entrance fee is really cheep

The last good point is entrance fee. It costs only 600 JPY even there are a lot of dioramas.

You can feel super rich Tokyo government.

It is located near Ryogoku station (JR Line, Toei Oedo Line). You can go to Asakusa only 15 minutes.

Asakusa near from the museum

If you wanna learn Tokyo and enjoy Tokyo more, you need to go to Edo-Tokyo Museum!

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  1. mayusan mayusan

    I would love to go there! Thank you for nice information!

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